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About Handy Tools
There are a few tools that we initially developped to facilitate pfSNP users in performing query on our server but later found out that they may be handy as standalone tools as well. Hope you will like them and please REGISTER to use our pfSNP server if you want to know more about your SNP, gene and/or chromosome region of interest.

Find the rs number of a snp if you know its gene context: (e.g.: I need to find the rs No. of the polymorphism at R273H in TP53 gene)

Search for rsNo by its gene location: (Show me how...)
Gene name: Element:
Tip: It's possible to see 2 or more rs No. for a single SNP due to NCBI rs No. assignment mechanism.

Find the chromosome coordinates for a cytoband:
Chromosome: Cytoband:

Obtain SNP rsNo. list with gene names:

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