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Mouse over each column header to see if the genes are enriched in any key terms (e.g: Co-expressed in certain tissue or resides in same pathway)
Text Cloud for Chromosome
Text Cloud for Tissue Expression
GO Term KEGG Path PharmGKB Reported
Text Cloud for PharmGKB Drug Response Association
dexamethasone(1)  glucocorticoids(1)  
Text Cloud for GAD Term
"allergic reaction, betalactam"(1)  "atopic dermatitis, ocular"(1)  "diabetes, type 1"(1)  "graft rejection, liver"(1)  "herpesvirus, Kaposi sarcoma-associated"(1)  "malaria, plasmodium falciparum"(1)  "nephropathy, IgA"(1)  "pollinosis, cedar"(1)  "sclerosis, systemic"(1)  allergic rhinitis(1)  allergy(1)  asthma(1)  asthma bronchodilator response IgE lung function(1)  asthma IgE levels(1)  Asthma. asthma severity(1)  Asthma. total IgE. SPT(1)  asthma; allergies(1)  asthma; atopy(1)  asthma; atopy; juvenile arthritis(1)  asthma; dermatitis and eczema(1)  Atopic asthma(1)  atopic dermatitis(1)  Atopy(1)  Atopy (IgE)(1)  Atopy (total & specific IgE)(1)  atopy beta-lactam allergy(1)  atopy vaccine response(1)  BHR(1)  brain cancer(1)  brain cancer IgE(1)  bullous pemphigoid(1)  celiac disease(1)  Childhood Asthma(1)  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD(1)  Crohns disease ulcerative colitis(1)  dermatitis and eczema(1)  gastric atrophy(1)  Graves disease(1)  H. pylori infection(1)  HIV(1)  IgE(1)  IgE levels(1)  immunologically hyper-reactive form of onchocerciasis (sowda)(1)  latex allergy(1)  lung function(1)  malaria; schistosomiasis(1)  nephrotic syndrome(1)  onchocerciasis(1)  penicillins allergy(1)  periodontitis(1)  psoriasis psoriatic arthritis(1)  respiratory syncytial virus(1)  rhinitis(1)  serum IgE levels(1)  Sjogrens syndrome; purpura(1)  small for gestational age(1)  Total serum IgE(1)  Total Serum IgE level(1)  Total serum IgE. atopic dermatitis(1)  vaccine response(1)  (0)  
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The table above shows the information regarding your gene of interest. You can click on 'View pfSNP' to show the potentially functional SNPs in your gene so that you can pick SNP candidates for gene based association study.

More about pfSNP ...
pfSNP is an integrative portal providing both extensive gene level information as well as detailed SNP function information for the SNPs linked to your gene (resides within the gene region as well as 5K basepairs upstream and downstream of the gene).

We have been cited as one of the useful meta tools for SNP function analysis by UK Gen2Phen biomedical knowledge center community.

We have been cited as a useful tool for "Candidate SNP selection and SNP annotation" by GenEpi Toolbox.

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