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Text Cloud for Chromosome
GO Term KEGG Path PharmGKB Reported
Text Cloud for PharmGKB Drug Response Association
neuroleptics(1)  Schizophrenia(1)  
Text Cloud for OMIM Term
Brunner syndrome (3)(1)  
Text Cloud for GAD Term
"aggression, impulsivity, and central nervous system serotonergic responsivity"(1)  "anxiety disorder; depressive disorder, major; panic disorder"(1)  "depressive disorder, major endocrine regulation"(1)  "depressive disorder, major"(1)  "depressive disorder, major; bipolar disorder"(1)  "depressive disorder, major; nausea"(1)  "sleep disorders; depressive disorder, major"(1)  ADHD(1)  aggressive behavior(1)  aggressive behavior Fragile X Syndrome(1)  alcohol abuse(1)  alcohol dependence impulsive behaviors(1)  alcoholism(1)  alcoholism antisocial personality disorder(1)  alcoholism body mass dopamine(1)  alcoholism personality disorders(1)  Alzheimers Disease(1)  Alzheimers disease; Parkinsons disease(1)  antisocial behavior(1)  antisocial personality disorder(1)  antisocial personality disorder conduct disorder(1)  anxiety disorder(1)  attention deficit disorder(1)  attention deficit disorder conduct disorder oppositional defiant disorder(1)  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(1)  auditory evoked potentials(1)  autism(1)  behavior traits(1)  behavioural traits(1)  bipolar affective disorder(1)  bipolar disorder(1)  bipolar disorder; depression(1)  bipolar disorder; major depressive disorder(1)  bipolar disorder; major depressive disorder; rapid cycling mood disorder(1)  body mass obesity(1)  BP-Major Depressive(1)  chronic fatigue syndrome(1)  cognitive function(1)  conduct disorder(1)  criminal activity(1)  criminal behavior(1)  criminality(1)  cytogenetic studies(1)  decision making(1)  Deliberate self-harm(1)  depressed suicide(1)  depression(1)  depression sleep disorders(1)  depression; thrombocyte MAO activity(1)  early onset alcoholism/substance abuse.(1)  epilepsy(1)  fibromyalgia(1)  headache(1)  heroin addiction(1)  impulsive behavior(1)  major depressive disorder(1)  manic-depressive illness(1)  migraine(1)  migraine; migraine with aura(1)  monoamine metabolites(1)  mood disorder(1)  mood disorders(1)  narcolepsy-cataplexy symptoms(1)  neuroticism(1)  nicotine dependence; cotinine(1)  obesity(1)  obsessive compulsive disorder(1)  obsessive-compulsive disorder(1)  pain response(1)  panic disorder(1)  Parkinsons disease(1)  pathologic gambling(1)  personality disorders(1)  personality traits(1)  physical agression(1)  premenstrual dysphoric disorder(1)  psychiatric disorders(1)  psychopathology(1)  restless legs syndrome(1)  schizophrenia(1)  schizophrenia; affective disorder(1)  schizophrenia; psychoses; aggressive behavior; verbal fluency(1)  self-harm behavior(1)  serotonin(1)  shyness(1)  sleep disorders(1)  smoking behavior(1)  suicide(1)  tardive dyskinesia(1)  Tourette syndrome(1)  (0)  
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in this
"aggression, impulsivity, and central nervous system serotonergic responsivity"
"anxiety disorder; depressive disorder, major; panic disorder"
"depressive disorder, major endocrine regulation"
"depressive disorder, major"
"depressive disorder, major; bipolar disorder"
"depressive disorder, major; nausea"
"sleep disorders; depressive disorder, major"
aggressive behavior
aggressive behavior Fragile X Syndrome
alcohol abuse
alcohol dependence impulsive behaviors
alcoholism antisocial personality disorder
alcoholism body mass dopamine
alcoholism personality disorders
Alzheimers Disease
Alzheimers disease; Parkinsons disease
antisocial behavior
antisocial personality disorder
antisocial personality disorder conduct disorder
anxiety disorder
attention deficit disorder
attention deficit disorder conduct disorder oppositional defiant disorder
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
auditory evoked potentials
behavior traits
behavioural traits
bipolar affective disorder
bipolar disorder
bipolar disorder; depression
bipolar disorder; major depressive disorder
bipolar disorder; major depressive disorder; rapid cycling mood disorder
body mass obesity
BP-Major Depressive
chronic fatigue syndrome
cognitive function
conduct disorder
criminal activity
criminal behavior
cytogenetic studies
decision making
Deliberate self-harm
depressed suicide
depression sleep disorders
depression; thrombocyte MAO activity
early onset alcoholism/substance abuse.
heroin addiction
impulsive behavior
major depressive disorder
manic-depressive illness
migraine; migraine with aura
monoamine metabolites
mood disorder
mood disorders
narcolepsy-cataplexy symptoms
nicotine dependence; cotinine
obsessive compulsive disorder
obsessive-compulsive disorder
pain response
panic disorder
Parkinsons disease
pathologic gambling
personality disorders
personality traits
physical agression
premenstrual dysphoric disorder
psychiatric disorders
restless legs syndrome
schizophrenia; affective disorder
schizophrenia; psychoses; aggressive behavior; verbal fluency
self-harm behavior
sleep disorders
smoking behavior
tardive dyskinesia
Tourette syndrome
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